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Here's what our clients have to say...

"Wayne was really helpful and considerate while helping me navigate my decision about what program to take in university. We had multiple discussions that helped me conclude the best decision for me. I would like to say that the best part was how much more comfortable Wayne made me feel about starting this new path in my life!"

"I have worked with Wayne for the past two years and have found that he is extremely experienced in his field and greatly helped me in my preparations for high school exams as well as talking through post-secondary plans with me and helping me get a grasp on what was best for my needs. I would highly recommend Wayne to anyone who is unsure of their plans for post-secondary or who needs help preparing for high school exams with study plans or test taking strategies."

"Mr. Bobrosky has helped me immensely as a grade 12 graduate entering post-secondary. He has provided insider information on the complicated systems of university policies, and ultimately ensuring my success as a current post-secondary student."

Listen to our conversation with Judy Aldous on CBC Alberta At Noon "Talking to the Class of 2020" (39:55).