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Upperhand Counsellors offer a big-picture overview of the options available to today’s high school student, prospective post-secondary student, and adult considering going back to school.

We work with individuals (and their parents, if applicable) to create a comprehensive education plan.

Students are provided with expert support in the areas of high school, career, upgrading, and post-secondary education planning and coaching. Our counsellors’ main focus is to help you examine your future plans and achieve your high school and post-secondary goals – whatever they may be!

High School Educational Advising

High School Educational Advising

Grades 9-12

Helping students plan and navigate their high school program.

Post-Secondary Guidance

Post-Secondary Guidance for High School Students

Grades 10-12

Providing post-secondary guidance to high school students and graduates.

Advising for Adult Students

Post-Secondary Advising for Adult Students

21 Years and Older

Supporting adult students who want to upgrade and go back to school.

Academic Counselling

Academic Counselling and Support

Strategies for Success

Assisting students to achieve their academic goals.


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Contact us to arrange a FREE 15-minute phone consultation before you commit to a formal session.